Torunlar GYO

Torunlar GYO, one of Turkey's most innovative real estate investment trusts in developing human- and life-centered shopping malls, entertainment areas, living areas such as residences, offices and hotels, has over 30 years of experience in the industry.

Torunlar GYO, with a vision of "worth investing, worth living", has carried out many projects that change millions of people's lives and make a difference in various provinces of Turkey such as Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Antalya, Samsun, and Muğla. Being among the top 50 most valuable companies of Istanbul Stock Exchange, Torunlar GYO also bears the title of Turkey's largest private real estate investment trust in terms of portfolio value. Torunlar GYO is at the same time one of the leading companies that contribute to the development of the retail industry as Turkey's largest domestic investor of shopping malls. Operational assets of Torunlar GYO include Mall of Istanbul, Korupark AVM, Bursa Zafer Plaza, Torium AVM, Antalya Deepo AVM, Mall of Antalya, Bursa Korupark Houses, Nish Istanbul, Torun Center, Torun Tower, Bulvar Samsun, Ankamall and Crowne Plaza and Marmaris Netsel Marina. The ongoing investments of Torunlar GYO include 5th Levent and Mall of Istanbul’s 2nd Stage projects.

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